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Celebrating a birthday with Mariachi Music is a tradition for many. Waking up to Mariachi or just having one at your party is the way to go. Birthdays in the Hispanic culture are more than just another day, they are a time for great celebration. Families, both from near and far, get together along with friends and neighbors for a day of great festivities and traditions. One tradition that is very important for the Hispanic culture, is the pinata. The pinata is a clay pot or figure of paper mache decorated and built to look like a particular festive object or animal. It symbolizes happiness and joy and is therefore crafted with bright colors and filled with candies, treats, and small toys. Party goers take turns trying to hit and break open the pinata in order to enjoy its spoils.

Another important tradition celebrated during birthdays, is the tradition of food, most importantly the birthday cake, a great meal is created to honor the person’s birthday. Common foods for a birthday party are arroz con leche (rice pudding), tortillas with salsa, churros, caramel flan, and taquitos (rolled tacos). Drinks are also important, tequilas and margaritas are usually enjoyed in celebration. Our catering service can provide a delicious feast along with drinks for your family and friends to enjoy.

For birthdays the cake is a central part of traditions. The chanting of the song “La Mordida,” Mordida, mordida, mordida: It’s debatable whether this tradition should be kept alive or not but we added it to the list just in case. It consists in having the birthday person take a bit of the cake with no hands, where usually the class clown comes in and pushes that person’s face deep into the cake. Feliz cumpleaños! The individual’s friends and family watches, enjoying the humor of the situation. Getting together friends and family are the most important part of birthday celebrations in the Hispanic culture, so location is a vital aspect of the celebration. Our mariachi band "Mariachi Perla Tapatia" would be an ideal band to hire to celebrate with your friends and family for your next birthday celebration.

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Popular Songs

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  • El Viajero
  • Hermoso Carino
  • Cielito Lindo
  • La Derrota
  • El Hidalguense
  • Estos Celos
  • Gema
  • Amarte A La Antigua
  • Echame A Mi La Culpa
  • Paloma Querida
  • La Ley Del Monte
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